What Is Mindfulness?!?

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

(What Is Mindfulness)

My new episode from my "I Believe I Receive Podcast" will be about "Mindfulness" more on the negativity side on it, on how to control or even balance that part of mindfulness, if you keep going back to a negative mindset where all you doing is creative more negativity for yourself, this is where you can really get into a mindset where the "demons" can come in to really have full control on you're life. We gotta remember that there is always Good vs Evil in the awakening process, ask yourself who will always win at the end of the day "The GOOD" if you want to express your feelings use the energy that the Holy Spirit has within you with that type of power of energy. The negative state of mind will be defeated then that's when you can really become the person you are meant to be.

Tony Roman Spiritual Teacher

I Believe I Receive is about connecting you to the spiritual awakening podcasts. Where you can learn and also help teach others at the same time. It's a spiritual podcast growth. It's one of the best spiritual podcast you can listen to. Theses are my story's and experiences that I went through in my life. By listening to this spiritual healing podcast there will be information about how to overcome any darkness or any information about positively. Everything I am explaining is all connecting to GOD. Word of god encouragement. There are spiritual healing music in the background of the podcast where it will sound relaxing while listening to my Podcast. Welcome to my spiritual teachings. So sit back and Just Listen. GOD Blessed everyone.

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