What happens when you follow the word of Forgiveness/Repentance??

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

This is big in 2020 very big in 2020 It's all about Forgiveness it's all about Repentance. It has been a long journey. I'm gonna talk about forgiveness and repentance. It is very big in 2020. You have to forgive others. You have to forgive those that doubt You, that hate on, that made fun of  you, that did you wrong, you have to. It's a matter of time. You have to because that feeling of not forgiven someone it can build up into so much negative and so much hate within yourself.

It's in your heart. You gotta open your hearts. Open it!! The only way you can forgive someone is to open your heart, right? "YES!!"  It's nothing wrong to open your heart. right? "YES!!" It's nothing wrong! Once you open your heart and once you realize that it is time for forgiveness and repentance here are some of my examples from my stories, my experiences I went through in my life in my spiritual journey I forgive a lot of people.

I want to talk about the EGO with forgiveness too, because the EGO don't want you to forgive others. Ego wants you keep thinking it's mindset. How it works about forgiveness?? You can't work with forgiveness within your ego. You gotta work with forgiveness throughout your hearts and the spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ and God, that's what you need to do! You got to repent. I pray to God and say, "Hey GOD" look forgive me for my sins. Forgive me for what I did. When I treat people bad, once you notice this, then you realize your sins and you open heart to it. and repent, it might make you cry. You might have a lot of emotions releasing, cleansing yourself when you pray. That's what forgiveness comes into. God gonna forgive you. He's gonna forgive you for what you have done. In the name of Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit!!. So forgiveness is really big in 2020. The energy is here, it's coming.

Just gotta accept it from your heart from within and keep going. Don't give up! Keep having a passion and keep going. Don't listen to your Ego thoughts Don't listen to you negative thoughts because everyone has it. I still do sometimes. So I'm telling you right now when I forgive someone, I've started feeling the energy of forgiveness then I send out the energy of forgiveness and telling people I forgive them. It's okay. "Lets still be friends and still hang out, lets still do things" It's the past is what it is. We were young. We are just living life. We learn, we grow, we mature, as a person. I started doing that. My life changed. My life started to change, a lot more abundance a lot more energy like positive energy coming in within me. My Heart was getting felled again. It's the best way to cleanse the best way to cleanse your mind. Cleanse your thoughts, cleanse your emotions.When I didn't forgive anyone, all that emotions then started to build up within me and for holding that stuff in, it's not good at all. Talk to someone, talked to your parents. Talk to your family. Talk to your friend, that's That's how you do it. That's pretty much how you really forgive yourself and forgive others and also repent on what you did bad what you did in that situation.

That's what, 2020 it's going to be mostly about. The energy's comes  in because we know that God, Jesus Christ, he's coming! he's coming. Soon you can tell the energy is here already. Heaven on Earth is here already, but first before you shift into that energy feeling when the frequency, you have you gotta switch up, change up your mindset work on yourself and forgiveness is a big part of it. Repent It's a big, big part of it to, don't forget to subscribe to my Website - https://www.i-believe-i-receive-podcast.com/podcast

It's Tony Roman from I Believe I Receive Podcast

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God Blessed

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