Social media blocked my content?? Now What??

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

I believe any type of media like TV, movies, music and social media did destroy this world just by how they use it, it can be a gift or a curse that comes with it, we warship these famous people all because they have all these followers, they gave these type of people a platform where its another way to damage our minds, these people have no love on helping the world or there followers, all they care about is fame and money, those 2 things people chase can be gone forever at any given time. They are not promoting good positive content, they post what [Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and IG] want them post, once you become famous on there platforms you gotta do what they say. This world of entertainment is evil, if you don't believe me then you are still brainwash to the point that nothing I would say will change your mindset on this.

Why you think they blocked my content all the time on social media because you don't see me posting about drinking, smoking, half naked women, drugs, and negativity

all my content is about spiritual topics, GOD, about changing the world for the better, how to work on your mindset and I'm helping people with my teachings.

so what is sooo bad about my content that its needs to blocked on social media??

Wanna know more about "Brainwashing" take a listen to my podcast episode

What Is Brainwashing -

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