My Visit In Purgatory! What Happens Next Will Shock You!

It was a Friday winter night, where I just got done meditating, I usually do it before I got to bed. Once I started to fall asleep, I notice this feeling I got while dozing off.

I remember I was in this forest type place, very dark, very intense.

What happens next will shock you.

The energy was so powerful to the point, I knew I wasn't anywhere on earth, maybe another dimension I don't know but when I started to look at my surroundings. There was these buildings all around, it look like back in the Roman Times, I start to walk forward, all the sudden there were these evil disturbing sounds coming from underground as I'm walking, all the sudden these creatures popping out the ground trying to attack me,I hold my ground and started to pray to GOD, I kept walking until I saw more creatures, these ones were demonic birds flying above me. I kept walking I have no idea where I was at or going, Than it hit me! "if I'm seeing all these demonic creatures then maybe I'm in hell" but again I believe hell can be a lot worse than this.

I'm in Purgatory!

Purgatory - is according to the belief of some Christians (mostly Catholics), an intermediate state after physical death for expiatory purification.

I asked myself why am I here? I continue walking through the dark scary forest, I saw this house/building right in front of me!

I decided to walk in, there were only two rooms in the building

check the other room there was nothing, I opened the door for the second room. What I saw was something amazing it looked like a digital future machine!

Got closer, for some reason it seems like I was able to use it in some way, I was hearing weird sounds. Heard something walking closer and closer towards me, I saw horns, I felt very dark energy flowing around!

What Happens next will confirm me that I'm in Purgatory!

I looked up and saw this demonic 16 feet tall demon looking creature staring at me with his red eyes! The first thing I did was pray to GOD but the thing is I wasn't scared of it. Somehow I knew what to do.

So I decided to mess with the machine to see what is the purpose of seeing this machine, once I notice the demon was getting closer, I somehow discover how to work this machine, there was an option where to put my hands at so I did! It started to shine so bight with white light coming out of it, I prayed once last time ask GOD to help with this, the first thought I got was to lift my hands up out of the machine, I look right at the demon eyes, put my hands up in front on me, then the energy of me and the energy of the Holy Spirit working together, a white light shot out from my hands, as soon I did that, it was destroyed!! I came back I woke up.

The first thought came up, that was my "Demon" I got rid of it from controlling me and my mindset!! I felt so much better after I had that vivid dream. There was a relief out of my soul. That dream told me that Demon or any other type of evil will not affect me anymore, That white light came from within my spirit and from GOD, it was my ability to heal myself or others with that amazing white light energy,

thats when I knew I had a gift of light and that dream I receive my blessing from GOD.


Written By Tony Roman - My Vivid Dreams Blog Series

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