What Happens When You Start To Believe?!?

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

One day I was thinking that what if I started to believe in myself that anything is possible with GOD and the Holy Spirit that comes from me ever since I was a little kid. As I got order I kept everything in where I didn't express my feelings or my happiness. When I realize that if you change your mindset and how to control your feelings and emotions and then We gotta understand that life can turn into something we don't want to happen but what if I told you that if you go from within with the energy of spirit you can make things happen for the better. That's where believing in yourself can go a long way.

Over my spiritual journey there were times where I wanted to give up just because there were so much negativity in the air. I said to myself only way these emotions will go away or slow down is balancing my energy, my thoughts and my thinking. I took the steps to move forward with life. I started to see the light and all the negativity feelings and emotions slowly leaving me. There were areas in my life where I had to fix to overcome all these events that took place. I asked for help and guidance from my angels and Jesus Christ. At first I wasn't ready to "Receive" but once I stared to "Believe" that's when I notice how strong I was if I practice my spiritual gifts. It was always there but I toon in to my higher self. All this amazing energy started to flow in with so much positivity. So once you see the opportunity or window opening up for you, take it! grab it! hold on to it! and smile! Only thing you need now is the power you hold from within and use it for the good.

-Tony Roman

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