How GOD cure me from all my Darkness throughout my life

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

You know what my CURE is while dealing with depression, anxiety, negativity and bad thoughts throughout my life??

GOD!! YES!! GOD!! the connection with the Holy Spirit

By connecting myself to GOD again back in 2009 it totally changed my life for the better! and I will never regret it, it was the best choice I ever made in my life, If you really want to change the ways all you gotta do is talk and pray to GOD!


People will change there life style only when people tell them to, only when there lives are in danger they will listen, its happening with this virus, you see it everywhere, whatever they say about it, people go and do it but when someone tells these people about GOD and only thing you need to do to get rid of all those fears, anxiety, depression and negativity is CONNECTING YOURSELF WITH The Holy Spirit!! they won't believe it or even do it

People lose their connection with GOD because they think only thing that will save them is "money, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and material stuff" this is the problem here! all those things I mention it is man made

So what you rather have all these material things that won't last forever and mislead you to the wrong path also it will never heal you.


Have a connection with GOD and the Holy Spirit, where god will teach you the right way to live life also heal you at the same time, all these problems you have will disappear forever.

God energy is so powerful it saved my life 12 years old ago.


-Tony Roman

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