God Is Always Listening, So Pay Attention.

So I was praying one day, this is the first time I ever had a experience like this. Usually when I pray, like I pray for all my family, all my friends, my neighbors, the world where I live and keep everything protected. I pray for my girlfriend and pray for her family and everything else. I pray to God I was like God look, please keep everyone safe, keep the world safe, keep protected. Make sure everyone's gonna be okay. As soon as I said that, my ears started ringing. I had this like vibration, some kind of frequency in my ear, my right ear and also heard like thumping sound like four times. Usually when you hear like a ringing or like some kind of buzzing sound. It comes from your right ear if It comes from your right ear it means you're receiving the message. As soon as I said that it happened. The first thought that came up in my head was everything will be okay. Don't worry we are safe.

So if you going through this panic mode, if you're going through this, like it's understanding why you go through this because the media likes to feed these things, fear based material information to people that most of the time it's fake, false information that comes out and fearing the American people. So that being said, I got that message from God from the spirit from the Holy Spirit telling me everything's gonna be okay. Nothing's gonna happen. It will be safe. I always try to tell people, really connect yourself to the Lord. Like, I know a lot of people don't believe in God. I know a lot of people don't even want to pay attention to God, I know. I know. Like a lot of people ask me?? How did I wake up from this reality? Well, I talked to God, but he showed me what I need to improve on in my life what I need to do, everyone has attachments, negative, or even demons inside of them inside their mindsets, telling them what to do like I still have that one little demon. It's always been in my life since I was born.

"Hold no Un-forgiveness in your heart, forgive so your father in heaven will forgive you so your prayer will be effective"

Says ”faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God”
You do that by getting God's word into you so when you pray, Believe you receive"

I learned a special trick what to do with that, I mean, you can always command God and ask God to get rid of the inner thoughts that's not supposed to be there. If you really want to completely get rid of this, you got to resist, meaning, what I do is, I say, when something pops up in my head, something negative, something that I don't want to listen to, or I don't want to think about, that has nothing to do what's happened in my life. I resisted, I said this "I am the Son of God and I am made in his image" So I keep repeating, so I've been during the past two weeks and helped. We're in the spiritual warfare within our mindsets within ourselves, within the world, within the society, within everything in the world that's happening. Like, it all comes down to this, this is the moment where God is allowing this to surface up to the world, and more and more stuff will come out. When that stuff comes out, it's gonna be like event where, for example, like a 911 event, people gonna be so shocked and couldn't believe what's happening. So I think when that happens, I believe it's going to happen very soon. Like I said, I don't know what specific date will happen. But I can just tell, the feelings that I have.

Today in 2020 it's happening over the world. So I believe even though the truth does come out, little by little, I feel like when all of it comes out to the public. It's gonna be something that like I said, it's gonna be like a big event that will happen. Then people will be so shocked. They want answers. They want to know why the heck this happened. That's when I will come in. That's when people will also talk about the gospel always talking about spirituality. Real spirituality, truth of it. They will come to us and we are the messengers, right? We are the people that will help society. It all comes down to that person all comes down to you. If you really want to make that change, you can do it. So no excuses to make a change to talk to God, no excuses for that.

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